This is your chance to have a look back at some of our historic moments and successes - regular updates now are posted on the Marleycote facebook page so head there is you want current and recent news.

2018 begins in style....
We have just returned victorious from UK Dairy Expo - delighted that Marleycote faired so well

Marleycote Patricia 20 expo 2018 top three

Champion Shorthorn and Best Udder- Marleycote Patricia 20 (pictured above left) and the Expo 2018 top three- all housed at Marleycote....

HM Shorthorn - Marleycote Princess Jill 38
1st 3 yr old Shorthorn - Marleycote Patricia 20
4th 3 yr old Shorthorn - Marleycote Chatter 20
1st Senior Cow- Marleycote Princess Jill 38
5th 2 yr old Ayrshire- Marleycote Georgette 6
2nd Red and White Senior cow with Marleycote Jewel Queen

We are fast approaching Spring and it has been a busy time at Marleycote.

We were delighted to be one of the three finalists in the family farm category of the 2017 Northern Farmer awards from a dozen entries.

Early March saw the show team begin its 2017 campaign at UK Dairy Expo, yielding the following prizes:-
Marleycote Georgette 6 - 2nd Aryshire Maiden Heifer
Marleycote Queen - 3rd Ayrshire Maiden Heifer
Marleycote Sea Lily 4 - 4th Ayrshire 2 yr old (6 entries)
Marleycote Brown Nell 20 - 4th Ayrshire Senior cow (7 entries)
Shaunlea Geri 10 - 1st Shorthorn Maiden heifer (owned by Shaun Dixon, housed at Marelycote) and Shorthorn Junior Champion
Marleycote Julia 6 - 2nd Shorthorn Maiden heifer and Reserve Junior Champion
Shaunlea Geri 6 - 1st Shorthorn 2 yrs old (owned by Shaun Dixon, housed at Marleycote)
Marleycote Chatter 20 - 2nd Shorthorn 2 yr old and Hon Mention Shorthorn
Marleycote Princess Jill 38 - 1st Shorthorn 3yr old
Marleycote Patricia 10 - 2nd Shorthorn Senior Cow

2015 - 2016 long overdue update !

In March 2016 our Shorthorn Cow Songstress 8 EX91 3E reached a major milestone 100t of milk in 9 lactations ! Our first ever 100t cow and I believe the only shorthorn to do it in 9 lactations, she also won the Dairy Shorthorn Gold Cup for the 3rd time which rewards regular breeding, her son Dilema has semen available and calves on the ground here

Yorkshire Milk Records 2015- We won the production class in both the ayrshire and shorthorn classes and won the herd inspection class for the first time in the ayrshires

Expo 16 -
Shorthorn:- Chatter 20 x Jinnys Empire 2nd heifer in calf and reserve Junior Champion
Julia 7 x Prophet 3rd calf class
Princess Jill 38 x Outback 2nd Heifer in milk
Daffodil 19 x Outback 2nd Junior cow in milk

Julia 5 x Mandella 2nd Heifer in calf
Sea Lily 19 x Mr Magic 6th Junior cow in milk
Brown Nell 20 x Burdette 1st Intermediate cow

Congratulations to the Mcleans winning the senior cow in milk with Marleycote Sea Lily 14 EX94 and getting Honerable mention with her

We also took Premier Breeder and Joint Premier Exhibitor in the Ayrshires for the first time

Agriscot 15
Brown Nell 20 EX93 x Burdette 3rd in the Senior cow in milk class behind eventual champion and reserve

Southwest Scotland Dairy show
brown nell south west scotland champion
Brown Nell 20 Ex93 x Burdette, won her class and was Breed Champion
Bronwyn 5 VG86 x Centurian, 2nd junior cow in milk

Sept we had a trip to All Breeds Calf show at Thirsk :-
M Chatter 20 x Jinnys Empire was 2nd in her class
M Fleur 56 x Verbs Viscount was 1st in her class and Breed champion

June 2015 update....

We have semen now available from the Princess Jill family and three other great Marleycote Shorthorn families - visit the semen/bull page to find out more

Congratulations again to the Mclean family in Northern Ireland - with Marleycote Princess Jill 31st who won Reserve Interbreed and Shorthorn Champion at Balmoral 2015.
princess jill 31

Selling soon.. at the 2015 Ayrshire Conference sale on 12th May

M Georgette 4

Marleycote Georgette 4 by Hunnington Mandella
Sells in the 2015 Ayrshire Conference Sale
on 12th May

Her sister :-
marleycote georgette 2

Marleycote Georgette 2 GP84-2yrs by Rampage

Her dam:- Middle Lakeside Georgette VG89

Middle Lakeside Georgette

Expo 2015

A great start to the 2015 show season
M Brown Nell 20 VG88 , 1st Junior cow and Reserve Ayrshire Champion

M Fleur 49 GP84 1st heifer in milk and Honourable Mention
M Songstress 17 VG87 1st junior cow and reserve champion
M Petal 124 GP83 2nd Junior cow
M Olive 16 EX90 2nd Senior cow

We also won Premier Exhibitor for the 4th consecutive year and Premier Breeder for the 3rd

Well done the Mcleans on winning Breed Champion and best udder with M Princess Jill 31 EX93 for the 3rd time

We put embryos in in late Oct with good results, we have pregnancies from –
- Hultonpark Jemima 4  EX94 x Haresfoot Simply Perfec - This is a new family for us with great milk solids and a strong PLI

Hultonpark Jemima 4
- Marleycote Sea Lily 14 VG89 x Prime, She won the Ulster Winter Fair this month, we already have a Prime daughter from her born Nov 14

M Sea Lily 14 (2)
- Marleycote Sea Lily 6 VG88 x Blackthorn or Robbie, she has already bred a VG Modem for us
marleycote sea lily 6
- Morwick AD Queen EX90 x Burdette
(pictured below)

morwick ad queen

Congratulations to the Mclean family on their success at the Ulster Winter Fair, Ayrshire Champion with M Sea Lily 14 and Reserve Shorthorn Champion with M Princess Jill

We had the classifier in on the 12th November
The highlights of the Ayrshire scores were
M Julia 3 (Redsky Gerry) scoring 86 points with her 1st and her mother Julia 2 (Muir Mr Magic) going 90 points with her 3rd
M Fawn 2 (Potter)  went 90 points with her 4th and her sister Fawn 5  (Reality) going 87 points with her 2nd, both daughters of Morwick Fawn 3 EX94 7E
M Annette 8 (Muir Mr Magic) scored 85 points with her 1st
M Brown Nell 20 (Burdette) scored 88 points with her 2nd

In the Shorthorns
M Patricia 9 (Son Red) moved up to 91 from 90 whilst her daughter Patricia 10 (Blizzard) is now 88 points with her 3rd
M Jen 16 (Izac) is now 92 points with her 6th
M Patricia 11 (Empire) is a new EX90 with her 3rd
M Fleur 33 (Modem) is also a new EX90 with her 4th, she's got 2 more EX behind her
M Songstress 17 (Burdette) moved up to 87 points fresh with her 2nd

In the herd now we have 20 EX , 47 VG, 38 GP, 13 G and 2 P's

Agriscot 2014
Another great show to end the year

M Julia 3 VG86 (Redsky JB Gerry ) 1st in the PLI class and 3rd in the Red and White Heifer in milk (shown 300 days calved)
M Brown Nell 20 VG88 (Burdette) 2nd in the PLI class and 3rd in the Ayrshire Junior cow in milk
M Annette 5 EX90 (Supreme) 4th in the PLI class and 5th in the Ayrshire Senior cow in milk

Congratulations to Cuthill Towers on winning breed Champion

Thursday 30 October - South West of Scotland Dairy show  at Castle Douglas with 3 cows , results
Morwick Fawn 3 EX94-7E  was 2nd Interbreed dry cow and 6th in the Interbreed 50t class
Marleycote Annette 5 EX90 was 2nd senior cow in milk
Marleycote Pat 5 was 3rd Junior cow in milk


Ayrshire Results:

M Annette 5
M Annette 5 EX90, (3rd Calver pictured above) - 1st senior cow in milk, Champion Ayrshire, Interbreed Champion, Exhibitor Bred Interbreed Champion and Best Udder
M Bronwyn EX94, (10th calver pictured below) - 4th senior cow in milk and 1st pair of Ayrshires with Annette 5

LB140911-03 Marleycote Bronwyn

Shorthorn Results:
M Olive VG86 - 2nd Junior cow in milk
M Songstress 13 VG86 - 2nd Senior cow in milk
M Chatter VG86 - 3rd Senior cow in milk

All 3 were 1st in Shorthorn Group of 3


GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW - homebred success all the way...

We took 5 Ayrshires and 6 Shorthorns this year and they were all homebred, results are as follows:


M Julia 4  4th maiden heifer

M Brown Nell 20 VG86  1st heifer in milk , Junior Champion & Reserve Exhibitor Bred Champion

M Fawn 5 ,GP84  2nd junior cow in milk , Reserve Champion & Exhibitor Bred Champion

M Julia VG87 4th senior cow in milk

M Bronwyn EX93   3rd dry cow

We also took 1st in Exhibitor bred group of 3

For the first time 2 of our homebred Ayrshires represented the breed in the Blythwood pairs competition M Brown Nell 20 and Fawn 5

140308-23   Marleycote Brown Nell

Marleycote Brown Nell 20 VG86


M Barrington Iris 17 2nd heifer in calf

M Songstress 17 VG86 2nd heifer in milk & Reserve Junior Champion

M Olive 16 VG86 1st junior cow in milk

M Patricia EX90 5th senior cow in milk

M Songstress 13 VG85 4th senior cow in milk

M Princess Jill 24 EX92 1st dry cow

We also took 2nd Exhibitor Bred group of 3

Thanks to the team as always for all their hard work at the show

June and July 2014 updates - its been a busy show season so far .... more to come soon

~ Northumberland Show

M Princess Jill 24 1st Cow in calf

M Julie 3 1st heifer in milk and reserve Champion

M Annette 1st cow in milk and Breed Champion


~ Cumberland show

M Julie 3 1st Heifer in milk

Parkhead Diamond Adriane 1st junior cow in milk

M Annette 1st senior cow in milk and Breed champion

Julie and Adriane 1st pair of Ayrshires

Julie , Adriane and Annette 1st 3 Ayrshire females

2014 UK Dairy Expo success

The first show of 2014 saw the Marleycote herd in the limelight:-

We scooped both the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor awards
Had 2nd 2 yr old in the Ayrshires with Marleycote Brown Nell 20
2nd Maiden heifer in the Shorthorns with Marleycote Peggy 38
1st Shorthorn 2yr old with Marleycote Songstress 17 who went on to be Reserve Breed Champion

Marleycote songstress 17

.... and finally Congratulations to the Mclean family who won the 3yrs, Best Udder and Shorthorn Championship with Marleycote Princess Jill 31.

Marleycote Princess Jill 31

Tuesday 25 th Feb we classified

15 cows: 6 EX, 7 VG and 2 GP
8 heifers 1 VG, 4 GP, 2 G and 1 P

Highlights being,

Morwick Fawn is now  EX94 7E and her daughter Fawn 2 going VG88 with her 3rd

Marleycote Annette is now EX94 3E and her daughter Annette 5 going VG87 with her 2nd

Marleycote Fleur 7 is now EX94 4E and her daughter Fleur 35 going VG85 with her 3rd

Marleycote Bronwyn 2 is now EX93 4E

Morwick AD Queen is now EX90

Marleycote Brown Nell 20 scoring VG86 as a heifer

16 cows 4 Ex 9 VG and 3 GP
9 heifers 2 VG 4 GP and 3 G

Highlights being

Marleycote Fleur 3 scoring EX92 3E with her 11th then her daughter Fleur 12 going EX90 with her 6th and then her daughter Fleur 38 going VG85 with her 2nd and then Fleur 3's other daughter Fleur 33 going 88 points with her 3rd

Marleycote Songstress 8 scoring EX91 2E with her 8th and her daughter Songstress 17 going VG86  with her 1st

Marleycote Gem 20 scoring EX90 2E

Marleycote Jen scoring VG85 as a heifer

The Yorkshire Milk Records competition results have just been announced (Feb 2014), with lots of success for both the Ayrshires and Shorthorns from Marleycote...

Interbreed Comp : Our Ayrshires were 3rd overall and were Best Coloured herd entered

Our Ayrshire Bull Marleycote Dandy was Best bull on inspection

Shorthorn classes : 

1st Herd on production /inspection

2nd Herd inspection

2nd Junior cow M Peggy 26

1st Senior cow M Princess Jill 24

2nd Heifer in milk M Patricia 12

2nd Cow family -Fleurs

2nd Bull progeny - M Rampage


1st Herd production / inspection

2nd Herd inspection

2nd Youngstock

4th Junior cow M Julia 2

4th Senior cow Morwick Fawn 3 EX946E

1st Best heifer in milk

1st Bull progeny Hunnington Easlad

1st Cow family  Fleurs

2nd Cow family Fawns

News for 2014 so far.....

Our winners from the UK photo comp have been entered in the International photo comp by our Society 

M Princess Jill 24 - Senior Cow in milk

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

M Songstress 13 - Junior Cow in milk

m songstress 13

They ll be up against the best cows from NewZealand , Australia , Canada , and America


Congratulations to the Mclean family on winning Shorthorn Breed Champion and reserve interbreed with Marleycote Princess Jill 31 VG89 and Reserve Ayrshire Champion with Marleycote Sea Lily 14 VG89 at the Ulster winter fair - shrewd purchase's which have done well for their new owners


At the Northumberland Holstein Club Interbreed herd comp results night we did very well :-

2nd Large herd

2nd Cow on Inspection with M Julia 2

2nd Heifer on Inspection with M Marigold 14

2nd Cow family  with the Fleurs

1st Cow to have given over 75t   Morwick Fawn 3 EX94 6E  (80,248kg in 8 lacts)

1st Super cow  with M Songstress 8 EX90  (70,908kg in 7 lact)

 Well done to the Sutherlands on winning best herd overall


 Good luck and Thank you to Mr T Buckingham on his purchase of 14 Marleycote in calf Heifers 


January 17th 2014 we passed our 4 yearly  herd  TB test !!

November 2013 - The Shorthorn photo comp has been judged, we did quiet canny !

Cow born in 2009 - 1st  M Songstress 13, 2nd M Petal 114

Cow born in 2007- 1st M Patricia 9  

Cow born before 1 Jan 2007 - 1st M Princess Jill 24

Champion - Marleycote Songstress 13

Hon Mention - Marleycote Princess Jill 24

The results for the North East Ayrshire club herd comp-

M Bronwyn was 1st in the Butterfat and protein class for the 3rd year

M Julia was 1st in the heifer production /Inspection class and ParkHead Peggy was 2nd in the same class

October 2013 update

New pictures- just some of our 2013 show winners - check back soon to find more about them on the Ayrshire and Dairy Shorthorn pages

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

Marleycote Patricia 9

 Marleycote Patricia 9

Marleycote Patricia 12

Marleycote Patricia 12

Marleycote Julia 2

Marleycote Julia 2

In Sept we went to the Westmorland Show for the first time

1st Morwick Fawn 3 in the dry cow class carrying her 9th

2nd Marleycote Julia 2  in the Junior cow in milk class

Well done to the Fishers winning champion shorthorn with Marleycote Barrington Iris

Great Yorks Show
marleycote team

Thanks to all my helpers, Shaun, Judy, Lizzie, Little Lizzie, Rachael and Craig (not on pic )

Highlight was M Julia 2 , 1st Junior cow in milk and Reserve Exhibitor Breed Champion Ayrshire (below)

 Marleycote Julia 2

Well done to the Fishers with their Shorthorn Champion Marleycote Barrington Iris


Thankyou and Goodluck to Julie Llewellyn from Ashgrove herd on the purchase of M Gold Dragon , the son of this years Gold Cup winner M Songstress 8


Northumberland all breeds calf show

Junior calf  2nd M petal 127 x M Blizzard

Int calf 1st M Fleur 50 x M Winton Robbie

Senior calf 1st M Daffodil 19 x Kayl Outback

Mature calf 1st M Annette 8 x Muir Mr Magic  and 2nd M Barrington Iris 18 x M Phantom

 Petal and Fleur , Champion Interbreed Pair

 Emily Fisher Honourable Mention handler

The 2013 Shorthorn Gold Cup Winner is ..



LTY 66,891kg
She has given 7174kg in 175 days with her 7th  
Sired by Morwick Sand Ranger

Calved her 7th in November 2012, a bull by West Spital Regiment Red
Read more about her and other family members on the Dairy Shorthorn page

Carlisle Show Champion

We have continued our winning ways into June 2013 with Marleycote Annette (below) securing the Carlisle Championship and Marleycote Rae winning 1st Heifer in Calf.

M Annette

Local show success at 2013 Northumberland County..

Late May Bank Holiday Monday saw the regular trip to our local Northumberland County show, with overwhelming success for the Marleycote herd,
Marleycote Julia 2 was crowned any other dairy breed champion after winning the Cow in Milk class

Other results include:-
Marleycote Songstress 17 2nd Heifer in calf
Shaunlea Geri 2 3rd Heifer in calf (owned with Shaun Dixon)
Marleycote Fawn 4 3rd Cow in Calf
Shaunlea Geri 1st Heifer in Milk (owned with Shaun Dixon)
Marleycote Annette 8 3rd Interbreed calf classes

Congratulations to the Mclean family ....
They have been highly successful with their recent purchase from the Marleycote herd, with Marleycote Princess Jill 31 scooping the Shorthorn Breed Championship at the 2013 Balmoral Show.

... and thanks to Jim Arnot of the Flintstone herd who was the successful purchaser of the Prime embryos from Sea Lily 14 at the Ayrshire Conference for £600, we wish him well with his purchase.

Thanks and all the best to ...
the Mclean family of the Priestland herd in Northern Ireland who have recently purchased privately both the Champion Shorthorn from 2013 Dairy Expo Marleycote Princess Jill 31 VG86 and the ayrshire Marleycote Sea Lily 14 VG86 (whose Primetime embryos sell at the Ayrshire Society Conference sale on Friday 17th May 2013

marleycote princess jill 31

Marleycote Princess Jill 31

M Sea Lily 14

Marleycote Sea Lily 14

UK Dairy Expo 2013 Success...
We are very happy with our show team's success on 9th March

1st Heifer in Milk Shorthorn, Best Udder and Champion Shorthorn with Marleycote Princess Jill 31

marleycote princess jill 31

marleycote princess jill 31

2nd Maiden Shorthorn heifer Marleycote Petal 125

1st Shorthorn Heifer in Calf Marleycote Songstress 17

marleycote songstress 17

4th Shorthorn Heifer in Milk Marleycote Olive 16
1st Shorthorn Junior Cow in Milk Marleycote Petal 114

marleycote petal 114

2nd Junior Cow in Milk Marleycote Songstress 13
3rd Senior Cow in Milk Marleycote Princess Jill 26
4th Senior Cow in Milk Marleycote Petal 108
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

3rd Ayrshire In Calf Heifer Marleycote Ray
4th Ayrshire Heifer in Milk Park Head Diamond Adriane
4th Senior Ayrshire Cow in Milk Marleycote Sea Lily 5

and we wish Mr Malkin from Staffordshire every success with his purchase, Marleycote Petal 125 at 2500gns in the Global Classic Sale

Friday 1st February 2013 - Yorkshire Milk Recording Herds Competition results announced with great success for the Marleycote herd:-


1st Production & Inspection

1st Inspection only

5th Junior cow ( M Patricia 9 VG88)

2nd Senior cow ( M Fleur 3 EX92

1st Heifer in milk ( M Petal 115 GP84)

3rd Maiden Heifer ( M songstress 17 )

3rd Cow Family ( Princess Jill )

1st & 2nd Bull progeny M Rampage & M Blizzard


2nd Production & Inspection

2nd Inspection only

1st Junior cow ( M Fawn 2 VG85 )

3rd Senior cow ( Morwick Fawn 3 EX94 6E )

2nd Heifer in milk ( M Marigold 14 )

2nd Maiden Heifer ( M Bronwyn 5 )

1st Bull Progeny Des Praires Potter

1st Cow Family ( Fawn's )

Selling at the 2013 Global Classic Sale

Check out our early consignment to the 2013 Sale in March at Carlisle
Marleycote Petal 125

Marleycote Petal 125

Born 30/01/2012 (30% Shorthorn)

Bred from 3 gens VG and by Marleycote Jet
She was 1st Jnr calf Northumberland 2012,
Dairy Shorthorn Breed champion Wolsingham 2012,
3rd NEABDCS 2012 and 3rd National Calf Show 2012

Dam: Marleycote Petal 108 VG86 gave 9500 in her 2nd at 4.01 and 3.37 
Granddam: Marleycote Petal 94 VG88 gave 9568 in her 8th at 4.41 and 3.54

Marleycote Jet EX90 is a full brother to Marleycote Fleur 30 VG86 that sold for the then breed record and current maiden heifer record price of 3600 at the National all breeds Show 2010 and was Junior Champion at the show as well. He's out of Marleycote Fleur EX93 the highest star brood cow in the breed (15 stars), she had 5 EX progeny (including Fleur 3 EX92 in her 10th , 78 tonnes of milk and in calf with her 11th),  5 Milking Diplomas, 3 EX classifications and 75 tonnes of milk 

December 2012 classifications .....


19 scored - 4 EX ,5 VG ,7 GP, 3 G


Morwick Fawn 3 goes EX94 6E and her granddaughter Fawn 4 x Marleycote  Willy goes VG86 (1st lact)

Marleycote Annette  goes EX92 and her daughter Annette 5 x Middle Emerald Supreme goes VG85 (1st lact)

Parkhead Bunty goes EX93 with a 95 point mammary

Marleycote Sea Lily 4 goes EX93 with 97 points for dairy strength


30 scored - 3 EX, 8 VG, 13 GP, 3 G,3 F

Highlights:- Kayl Outback goes 93 points

Marleycote Thorndale Bates 78 goes EX92-3E

Marleycote Gem 20 goes EX90

4 daughters of Marleycote Rampage go VG

Last years show calf Marleycote Patricia 11 x Jinnys Empire goes VG85 with her 1st

North East Ayrshire Herd competition

Heifer in milk 1st Marleycote Sea Lily 14 VG86

Production Inspection cow 2nd Marleycote Fleur 9 EX94

Progeny of Unproven Bull 1st Marleycote Willy

Progeny of Proven Bull 3rd Des Praires Potter

Butterfat and Protein Cow 1st Marleycote Bronwyn 2 EX92

5th time Marleycote Bronwyn 2 has won that class

Herd on Inspection 2nd Marleycote

Herd on Inspection and Production 1st Marleycote

North East All Breeds Calf Show


M Bronwyn 5 – 1st Int calf, Breed champion and Reserve Interbreed

  Marleycote Bronwen 5


M Songstress 17  1st Int calf

M Petal 125  4th  Junior calf

Shaunlea Geri 2 2nd  junior calf , Reserve Champion


Judy Irving Ayrshire Champion handler  

National All Breeds Calf show


M Bronwyn 5 , 1st int calf



M Songstress 17 1st int calf , reserve champion

M Petal 125  3rd Junior calf

Shaunlea Geri 2 1st Junior calf



September 2012

After  12 years we returned to Woolsingham Show with 3 heifers

3rd M Songstess 17 Maiden heifer

1st M Princess Jill 29  Heifer in calf and Reserve Champion

1st M Petal 125 Maiden Heifer and Breed Champion

August 2012

Northumberland Holstein Club Calf Show

M Bronwyn 5 1st Int calf and Champion coloured calf

M Fleur     1st Senior calf

M Songstress 17 2nd Int calf

M Julie 3   3rd Int calf

2nd Interbreed pair

Congratulations to  the Fishers , winning champion shorthorn at Penrith show with M Barrington Iris 15 VG88

July 2012 - a wet but successful Great Yorkshire Show

In the Ayrshire's

Senior cow in milk 1st Morwick Fawn 3 and she went on to be Ayrshire Breed Champion

Junior cow in milk 2nd Marleycote Pat

Heifer in milk 1st M Sea Lily 14 and she went on to be Junior Champion Ayrshire

Heifer in calf 1st M Annette 3

Junior Cow in calf 1st M fawn 2

Senior cow in calf M Annette

Production Inspection 1st Morwick Fawn 3

Dam and Daughter  or progeny group 1st M Annette and Annette 3 D&D 2nd Morwick Fawn 3 and M Fawn 2 D&D

Exhibitor Bred Group of 3 1st M sea lily 14 , M pat & M Fawn 2

Shorthorn results -

Heifer in calf 2nd M Princess Jill 29

Cow in calf 4th M princess Jill

Heifer in milk 2nd M Peggy 24 & Reserve Junior Champion, 3rd M Daffodil 14

Junior cow in milk 3rd Strickley Geri 15

June 2012

Northumberland Show

Parkhead Sweet Pat 1st Cow in milk and Champion any other dairy breed and reserve supreme

Marleycote Fawn 2 - 3rd cow in calf

M Sea Lily 14 - 2nd heifer in milk

M Daffodil 14 - 1st heifer in calf

M Brown Nell 20 - 3rd Intermediate calf

M Petal 125 - 1st junior calf

Handlers:- Connor Baynes 3rd Junior, Beth Teasdale 1st Intermediate



Congratulations to the Harris' for winning the International Photo Comp with Marleycote Peggy 10 EX94 (The 1st 94 point Marleycote Shorthorn)  in the Senior cow in milk class

Here are extracts from Bruce Jobson's piece on the competition, click HERE to read more

A UK-owned cow has this week been announced as the joint winner of the prestigious World Red Aged Cow competition run by Australia-based international all-breeds publication CrazyCow. Owned by Ian and Eiddwen Harries, Carmarthen, Wales, Marleycote Peggy 10th was one of five global-nominations shortlisted for the Aged Cow Class.
Described by Peggy's owner Ian Harries as "the best cow of the breed I've ever seen." The iconic Dairy Shorthorn has enjoyed amazing UK success and has never been beaten in her class.

Marleycote Peggy 10th

"Peggy is an amazing cow; she was unbeaten as a show calf and heifer and after we bought her as a heifer; she has continued her impressive record. I'm thrilled that she's been awarded joint winner of the World Red Aged Cow competition," Mr Harries said


We had the classifier in yesterday with 14 Ex including 8 new Ex, 11 VG's, 19 GP from 54 scored


M Fleur 7 EX94 1st 94 point homebred Ayrshire

M Sea Lily 4 EX92

M Sea Lily 5 EX90 (2 sisters from the old Sea Lily herself that are now EX and 3 VG daughters)

M Sea Lily 14 VG86 2 year old (grand daughter of the old cow)


M Fleur 8 EX90

M Jet EX90 a son and daughter of M Fleur giving her 2 more brood cow stars and making her the only shorthorn cow to breed 5 EX progeny and the highest brood cow in the breed with 15*

Strickley Geri goes 88 points with her 2nd and is still giving 45kg


We have just returned from a successful weekend at the UK Dairy Expo
Thanks to the McLean family in Northern Ireland who paid 2500gns for Marleycote Petal 121 (pictured below), we wish them well and every success with their purchase

M Petal121
Show results include:-
MARLEYCOTE PETAL 121 - 1st Shorthorn Maiden Heifer
MARLEYCOTE TULIP 11 - 5th Shorthorn Maiden Heifer
MARLEYCOTE DAFFODIL 14 - 1st Shorthorn In Calf Heifer & Junior Champion
MARLEYCOTE PETAL 114 - 1st Shorthorn Heifer in Milk
MARLEYCOTE PETAL 115 - 3rd Shorthorn Heifer in Milk
STRICKLEY GERI 15 - 1st Shorthorn Junior Cow in Milk & Reserve Shorthorn Champion
MARLEYCOTE TULIP 3 - 2nd Ayrshire in calf heifer
MARLEYCOTE SEA LILY 14 - 3rd Ayrshire Heifer in Milk
MARLEYCOTE MARIGOLD 9 - 7th Senior Cow in Milk
Premier Exhibitor in the Shorthorn Classes

See below for our recent herds competition results

**We have Winton Robbie and Rosehill Blackthorn embryos available from Marleycote Sea Lily 6 VG88**

We have just consigned a fancy light roan June 2011 show calf to the Global Classic Sale at Carlisle on Saturday 3rd March she is from and sired by Horizon Ranger Red who has already bred 168 EX cows in the UK Shorthorn and Ayrshire herdbooks.


Petal 95

From the heart of one of our strongest original families

6th lactation 8582kg at 4.31% fat and 3.37% protein in 305 days
Now over 50 tonnes milk lifetime

This calf's sisters are proven show winners: GP83 -2yrs by Morwick Sand Ranger
(1st Heifer in milk and HM 2010 National) and GP83 Poos Classic daughter (Champion NEABDCS 2009 ) - Marleycote Petal 109

Petal 95 won Six Championships in 2005 and 2006 including Interbreed at Northumberland Show 2005
and Breed Champion Dairy Event 2006

Sired by Marleycote Jack

Her dam is Petal 92 is EX91-2E 4*, over 9000kg and completed 7 lactations.

She is the first UK Shorthorn to have eggs sold to Canada

2011 Herds competition results just in:-

Congratulations to the Morwick herd who won best large interbreed herd in the Northumberland Holstein Club Herds Competition last year, Marleycote was placed second and Richard won the Best Herdsperson award.

At the Yorkshire Milk Records Competition dinner we scooped the following prizes:

1st Best Dairy Shorthorn Heifer with Strickley Gem 15 (owned by S Dixon)

1st Best Dairy Shorthorn Junior Cow with Marleycote Barrington Iris 15 VG88

1st Best Ayrshire Cow family with the Marleycote Brown Nell's

2nd Best Ayrshire Senior Cow with Morwick Fawn 3

2nd Best Ayrshire Cows & Heifers on Inspection and Overall Management and Inspection

1st Most improved cell count across all breeds in the County

We have just had new pictures back from last years Agriscot, check them out on the Ayrshire page, Marleycote Fawn 2 by Potter is now in her first lactation and pictured in milk, there is also a new picture of Marleycote Sea Lily 4


Top price at the Park Head Reduction Sale was Park Head Wren 6 VG87 by Marleycote Eddy 5000 gns, next 2 top prices both daughters of Marleycote Ladiesman including Park Head Sonia 4 VG85 (pictured below) who joins the Marleycote Herd along with Park Head Peggy 3 GP83, she traces back to the great Peggy family from Ashmansworth

 Parkhead Sonia 4


Chelford sale on 7th November - Thank you and good luck to the Fishers and Prichards for purchasing M Barrington Iris 15 VG88 and M Songstress VG86 for 3000 and 2100 respectively

Agriscot 2011
Marleycote Fawn 2 1st Heifer in Milk and Ayrshire Heifer Champion
Parkhead Jody 5th Junior Cow in milk



Marelycote Potter Fawn has just scored VG85-2yrs only a month into her first lactation, she is a daughter of Morwick Fawn 3 EX94-5E

Selling at the Society sale at Chelford on 7th November

1st Junior Cow in milk, Breed Champion and Reserve Interbreed GYS 11 ,
VG88 by Nejay Royalty ,
2nd lact 5670 3.79 3.23 in 166 days, projected to 7634 in 305 days
Due 3rd in March to Marleycote Blizzard
She 5th gen VG

Marleycote Barrington Iris 15

Summer Show success - 
At the Northumberland All Breeds show - 1st M Daffodil 14,

2nd M Patricia 11 Mature calf
1st M Fleur 40  Intermediate calf
1st M Fawn 5  Junior calf
3rd M Tulip 11 Junior calf
Breed Champion  and Reserve Supreme M Daffodil 14 ( M Blizzard)
Honorable Mention M Fawn 5 (Reality)
Handling class Mature 2nd Shaun Dixon
Senior 1st Judy Irving
4th Heather Gowland
Junior   2nd Conor Baynes
Judy won Champion Handler overall . ( 4 handlers all work for Marleycote )

This was our 21st Yorkshire and probably our best yet:-
M Marigold 9 VG88  1st Senior cow in milk
                               1st production / inspection cow
                                1st exhibitor bred group of 3 with M Annette and M Brown Nell 16   
                                Reserve Breed Champion
M Annette EX90    3rd Senior cow in milk
M Brown Nell 16 VG85  2nd Junior cow in milk
M Barrington Iris 15 VG88 1st Junior cow in milk 
                                       Breed Champion
                                       Reserve Interbreed Champion 
M Patricia 8 VG87       4th Junior cow in milk 
Strickley Geri 15 VG85  2nd heifer in milk 
                                    Reserve Junior Champion 
                                    Owned by Shaun Dixon housed at Marleycote 
M Daffodil   14        4th Maiden heifer  
We had 2 at Cumberland Show :-
M Patricia 11  1st maiden heifer
                  Junior Champion\
Middle Lakeside Georgette VG87  2nd Junior Cow in milk

We have just had the classifer to visit (28th June)

19 Ayrshires scored 9 EX , 7 VG and 3 GP ( 3 new EX ) 11 Shorthorns , 1 EX , 8 VG and 2 GP

Congratulations to the Window family on their success with Marleycote Brown Lady 4 at the South West Dairy Show

M BrownLady4
1st show of 2011 Northumberland:-
Cow in calf 1st Morwick Fawn , 2nd Parkhead Jodie ( owned with Tinkers ) 3rd Marleycote Songstress
Heifer in calf 1st Marleycote Fawn 2
Heifer in milk 1st Marleycote Pat   
Cow in milk 3rd Parkhead Sonia 4 ( owned with Tinkers )
Interbreed calf 2nd Marleycote Patricia 11 4th Marleycote Tulip
Pairs 2nd Morwick Fawn and Middle Georgette

Time for a round up after a busy summer at Marleycote:-

Marleycote is now home to the most coveted Star Brood Cow in the UK, with Marleycote Fleur EX93 having a massive 13* she has given over 90 tonnes in 10 lacts, and is 4 times winner of the Dairy Shorthorn Gold Cup, read more about her on the Dairy Shorthorn page.

Latest classifications :- After a visit on 6 oct we now have 18 EX , 49 VG, 31 GP, 13 G, made up of Ayrshires 10 EX , 15 VG, 12 GP, 5 G and Shorthorns 8 EX, 34 VG, 19 GP, 8 G , thats cows and heifers combined

Highland Show:- Morwick Fawn , 1st senior dry cow ,1st 50t class and 3rd high production class in the Ayrshires
Marleycote Songstress 1st dry cow in the Shorthorns

Ayrshires: Fawn - 2nd senior dry cow , 3rd production class, M Annette - 1st junior cow in milk , reserve exhibitor bred champ
Shorthorns: M Songstress 2nd dry cow, M win Jill   3rd junior cow in milk, Strickley Geri  1st heifer in calf , Reserve Junior Champ , owned with S Dixon

Northumberland All Breeds Show:-
M Peggy 23  1st Int calf and Coloured Champion
M Petal 114  2nd Int calf
Bar Val  3rd Int calf
M fawn  2 1st senior calf
M Annette 4   1st junior calf

The National All Breeds Calf Show:-
Ayrshires: M Fawn 2 , 1st mature calf and Reserve breed champion
Shorthorns: M Petal 114 , 2nd Int calf
Handlers - Shorthorn Honourable Mention Beth Teasdale


We are very proud that Marleycote Thorndale Prince is the only sire to breed two Red and White EX95 progeny.

23/3/10 NEW SHORTHORN BREED RECORD - SELLING FOR 3600gns to Simon Thomas
Marleycote Fleur 30th by Fradon Jet Red was consigned to the 2010 Elite Sale at Stoneleigh on February 17th. Fleur 30th was
Junior Champion at the 2010 National, Honourable Mention at the National Calf Show 2009 and 1st Maiden Heifer All Britain Photo Competition 2009. Her dam is the EX93 12 * Marleycote Fleur who has given over 90 tonnes in 10 lacts, and is 4 times winner of the Dairy Shorthorn Gold Cup. She is maternal sister Marleycote Fleur 18 VG86, to Marleycote Thunder at Genus, Marleycote Lightening at Earlsgift, Marleycote Rampage VG88 at Marleycote, and a full sister to Marleycote Blizzard at Healey and Marleycote Lucky Man EX90 at Whichester. She is also maternal sister to Marleycote Fleur 3 EX90 by Marleycote Thorndale Chester, and Marleycote Fleur 8 VG87 by Marleycote Jack.

Marleycote fleur 30th

January 2009 born Marleycote Fleur 30th sold to Drisgol Shorthorns for a new breed record of 3600gns

23/3/10 - Mocha Pregnancies due from EX92-2E Valley Crest Alice 39 in June
Read more about the cow and her family on the Dairy Shorthorn Page

Success at the 2010 National Show
It was a successful trip to Stoneleigh:-
Marleycote Fleur 30th was Champion Dairy Shorthorn calf before selling in the Elite Sale
Marleycote Petal 105 was 1st Heifer in Milk (pictured below)

Marleycote Petal 105
Next step into the show ring will be Northumberland at the end of May.

Reinvesting for the future
Its been a hectic few months at Marleycote while a new building was erected and robotic milkers installed. The robots have now been working nine weeks, and it was a very smooth transition between the old parlour and the new system, every cow is now averaging 2.9 milkings per day.

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the new bulidings and robots at Marleycote

marleycote cow in robot
marleycote cow outside robot new shed and cubicles at marleycote marleycote cubicle shed 1
marleycote cubicle shed 2
richard & paul baynes with robots marleycote new shed from outside  

Show & Photographic competition winners 2009
We have had a successful couple of months, Marleycote Fleur 30 was Honourable Mention Dairy Shorthorn Calf at the 2009 All Breeds Calf Show at Stoneleigh in October and went on to win the Maiden Heifer Photographic Competition (read more about her and her family on the Dairy Shorthorn page)
Marleycote Petal 109 was 2nd Maiden Heifer All Britain Photographic Competition and 3rd at the All Breeds Calf Show 2009 - read more about her on the Dairy Shorthorn page too

Congratulations to the Harris family with Marleycote Peggy 10 VG89 Champion All Britain 2009 and Marleycote Win Jill 6 EX91 2nd Senior Cow All Britain

Marleycote Peggy 10
Marleycote Peggy 10
Now owned by the Harris family- Champion 2009 Dairy Shorthorn Photographic Competition

Classifications on 18th August 2009
The classifier called at Marleycote, here is a summary of the days events:-
We scored six ayrshire heifers, five were GP or higher with the best being
Marleycote Brown Lady 9 VG87, she sells at the Northern National Ayrshire
Sale on 14th October at Carlisle.
17 Shorthorn heifers were scored, with 12 GP or higher, the best being
Marleycote Peerless Rose 379 VG85
In the cows, there were 4 EX, 3 VG and 2 GP Ayrshire cows and 4 EX, 4 VG and 1 Good Shorthorns.

North East All Breeds Dairy Calf Show 2009

It was a worthwhile trip to this years calf show for the Marleycote team, where we secured the Champion and Reserve Champion Shorthorn, HM Interbreed Champion and Stephen Jordan was Champion Shorthorn and Interbreed Champion Handler.

1st Dec 08 to Feb 09 Shorthorn calf - Marleycote Fleur 30th by Fradon Jet Red from Marleycote Fleur EX93 10*, Reserve Champion Shorthorn and HM Interbreed Champion led by Beth Teasdale

2nd Dec 08 to Feb 09 Shorthorn Calf - Whitchester Lucky Wildqueen by Marleycote Lucky Man from Whitchester Vinnie Wildqueen

1st May 08 to Aug 08 Shorthorn Calf- Marleycote Petal 109 by Poos Stadel Classic from Marleycote Petal 95 EX91, Champion Shorthorn (pictured below)

marleycote petal 109

3rd May 08 to Aug 08 Shorthorn Calf - Marleycote Tiny 17 by Llandovery Jinnys Empire from Marleycote Tiny 17th VG86

All this was under the watchful eye of Judge Seimon Thomas from the Dryscol herd in South Wales


Royal Welsh Show 2009

Congratulations to Ian Harries and family who had the Dairy Shorthorn Bred Champion at this years Royal Welsh with Marleycote Win Jill


Great Yorkshire Show 14th - 16th July 2009

It was a very successful show for us with the results for both Shorthorn and Ayrshires shown below:

Reserve Dairy Shorthorn Exhibitor Bred Champion with Marleycote Fleur 18 ET

Reserve Ayrshire Junior Champion with Marleycote Brown Lady 9

2nd Ayrshire Heifer in Calf with Marleycote Tulip
2nd Ayrshire Heifer in Milk with Marleycote Brown Lady 9
3rd Ayrshire Cow in milk with Morwick Fawn 3
2nd Ayrshire Production / Inspection with Morwick Fawn 3

1st Dairy Shorthorn Cow Marleycote Fleur 18 ET
2nd Dairy Shorthorn Maiden Heifer with Marleycote Petal 109
3rd Dairy Shorthorn Group of 3
3rd Dairy Shorthorn Cow with Marleycote Pettle 95

Morwick Fawn 3 was a member of the Ayrshire team for the Blythewood Dairy Pairs Competition


Northumberland County Show - 25th May 2009

We won the Any Other Breed Champion and the Overall Interbreed Dairy Champion with Morwick Fawn 3 EX94-3E.

The judge praised this 6th calved cow for locomotion and youthfulness.

Check out her new picture-

Morwick Fawn 3







A successful trip to the North East All Breeds Dairy Calf Show at Thirsk:

Yet again we won the All Breeds Top Breeder award- which we have won every year since it was introduced.

Other results include:-

AYRSHIRE Marleycote Sea Lily 10 by Legace Modem 2nd Dec 07 to Feb 08 class
AYRSHIRE Marleycote Julia by Brierside Centurian 4th Sept 07 to Nov 07 class
AYRSHIRE Marleycote Tulip by Brierside Centurian 1st May 07 to Aug 07 class
SHORTHORN Marleycote Peeress Rose 388 by Marleycote Raider 3rd Born after March 08 class
SHORTHORN Marleycote Chatter 15 by Tonelea Endevour 2nd Dec 07 to Feb 08 class
SHORTHORN Marleycote Patricia 9 by Mer Gold Autumn Son Red 2nd Sept 07 to Nov 07 class
SHORTHORN Marleycote Songstress 11 by Marleycote Jack 2nd May 07 to Aug 07 class
SHORTHORN Marleycote Peggy 15 by Drisgol Watzon 1st Jan 07 to Apr 07 class


At the National All Breeds All Britain Calf Show at Stoneleigh we congratulated Stephen Jordan on being crowned Dairy Shorthorn Champion Handler

We showed a number of Shorthorn and Ayrshire calves with the following results:

Strickley Geri 15th owned by Shaun Dixon (Shaunlea) 1st place calf born after 1st March 2008 and Reserve Champion Dairy Shorthorn

Marleycote Chatter 12th was 3rd in Dec 07 to Feb 08 Dairy Shorthorn calf class

Marleycote Paticia 9th was 8th in Sept 07 to Nov 07 Dairy Shorthorn calf class

Marleycote Peggy 15th was 6th Jan 07 to Apr 07 Dairy Shorthorn calf class

Marleycote Julia was 5th Sept 07 to Nov 07 Ayrshire Calf Class


The UK Shorthorn Society has just started a Star Brood Cow scheme to recognise the leading cows of the breed, stars are awarded for top levels of type over many lactations, high lifetime production and breeding ability:

So far at Marleycote we have attained the following cows with more than 4*:-

Marleycote Fleur EX93 10* by Glanhirwen Fanfare (3rd most coveted cow in the breed)

Marleycote Peggy EX90 6* by Meriville Peerless

marleycote fluermaleycote peggy

Our top star cows at Marleycote, Fleur & Peggy


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